Dr Murtuza A Khan

Consultant Paediatrician



Call 0207 117 6153 or email

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I am a Consultant Paediatrician with over 32 years experience in the management of childrens' health of which the last nineteen have been as a consultant. I have trained at world renowned centres including: The Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street; Royal Liverpool Childrens' Hospital, Alder Hey , Liverpool; The Variety Club Childrens' Hospital, King’s College Hospital, London and Guys’ & St.Thomas’ Hospital, London. This training has included managing patients with a variety of complaints: from food intolerances to management of newborn babies following cardiac surgery; from diagnosing developmental delay to managing cerebral palsy; from viral cough to cystic fibrosis; from fever to meningitis – most of my expertise is in the holistic management of general paediatric conditions.


I have additional certification and specialist interest in paediatric respiratory medicine and allergies respectively. I routinely manage food allergies, eczema, cough, asthma, urticaria and intestinal allergies. In particular I perform and interpret skin prick tests for allergies, lung function tests, RAST (blood tests for allergies based on the IgE Immunoglobulin) tests.,



As an Honorary Senior Lecturer in Paediatrics at the Imperial College, London (ICL), I am involved in the medical school admissions process, teaching, organizing of teaching curriculum and examination of medical students.


Although I have trained for nearly thirteen years in various hospitals I must stress that a large portion of my training and experience was realised through raising my own children. I have four daughters; I know what it is like to be a parent with sick children! My children's problems have included all the usual problems that would worry most parents including allergies, asthma, reflux, colic, poor sleeping, gastroenteritis, fever, etc. I do, therefore, feel  advantaged in managing children as I have this unique combination of extensive formal training and experience at home as a parent.


Please see the following video about myself explaining some of the work I do.



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