Publications & Presentations


1. Book- OSCE’s in Paediatrics. A book describing clinical and written examination technique and data interpretation for the OSCE’s aimed at paediatric undergraduates. March 1999. Elsevier Science.

2. Cationic charge changes on basement membranes. Histochemical Journal 1983, vol 15, 491 to 496.

3. Innovations in Infant Care; Solving the problems of Head Box design. Hospital Update, April 1996, 138-140.

4. Presence of IgE in nasal secretions of infants with Respiratory Syncitial Virus induced bronchiolitis. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.1997, Vol 155;4 Pg 520


5. Cytokines controlling allergic responses in nasal secretions of infants with Respiratory Syncitial Virus induced bronchiolitis. Paediatric Research. 1997, Vol 41;4 Pg 11

6. A new technique for the measurement of cytokines in nasal secretions of bronchiolitics. Thorax 1998 Dec 53 (4) Pg 55

7. A balanced TH1 and TH2 response in nasal secretions of Respiratory Syncitial Virus induced bronchiolitics. Thorax 1998 Dec 53 (4) Pg 56

8. Letter. Non-Adherence to tuberculosis treatment. Archives of Disease in Childhood 2007 Feb Vol 92: 2, Pg 184

International Presentations

The technique for the detection of IgE in the airway of bronchiolitics was presented at the annual European Respiratory Society meeting in Stockholm, Sept 1996.

American Paediatric Society. An article describing the possible role of cytokines in acute RSV bronchiolitis was presented at the APS meeting, Washington, May 1997

American Thoracic Society. An article describing the lack of an association between nasal IgE and demographic markers of atopy in RSV positive bronchiolitics was presented at the ATS meeting, San Francisco, May 1997.

European Respiratory Society. An abstract describing a new technique for the quantitative measurement of airway secretions was presented at the Oct1999 meeting in Madrid.
European Respiratory Society. An oral presentation on the balanced Th1 and Th2 cytokine responses in RSV bronchiolitis was given in Oct 1999, in Madrid, Spain.

Health Protection Agency. An outbreak of Tuberculosis in Brent. Presented at the Annual Health Protection Agency meeting in Warwick 2006.

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